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Jim Zirin


Hosted by prominent attorney Jim Zirin (Sidley Austin LLP and contributor to Forbes, The Times of London and the LA Times), Conversations is a widely acclaimed and nationally syndicated TV talk show discussing politics, foreign relations, national security and the arts, particularly  how the Internet has transformed contemporary life and culture. Its estimated viewing audience exceeds two million people. The program, now in its sixteenth year, airs in New York five times each week on CUNY-TV.

Conversations with Jim Zirin goes to most cable markets within a 50 mile radius of New York City and is available on this web site via YouTube.

An interview is 30 minutes of “no holds barred” conversation featuring probing questions put by Jim Zirin to one or possibly two high-profile guests.  The program seeks to elaborate a deeper understanding of how central the Internet and information technology have become to contemporary experience, and why the web is so deeply entwined with the issues of the day. Conversations with Jim Zirin is now  in its 15th year.

The program cablecast in New York City on CUNY-TV Ch 75 (Time Warner and Cablevision), Ch. 77 RCN, and Ch 30 (Verizon FIOS). CUNY TV is also digitally broadcast on Ch. 25.3 throughout the metropolitan area.

It is available on this website, www.digitalage.org, via YouTube.

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