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nov 2016 · Computer hacking
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Jim Zirin speaks with Adam Segal.

The Russians hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s private server. The North Koreans hacked SONY. The U.S. hacked Angela Merkel’s cell phone and Dilma Rouseff’s email. The U.S. and the Israelis hacked Iran’s nuclear installation in Natanz, and set the program back for at least five years. Council on Foreign Relations cyber-security expert Adam Segal tells Jim that whether on offense or defense, America lives in a new hacked world order.

Apr 2013 · Computer hacking
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Jim Zirin speaks with Andrea Matwyshyn.

Hacking generally has a pejorative meaning, namely, someone who accesses a computer by circumventing its security system. But, hacking may also refer to excellence  in programming —the kind of innovation that built the Internet. Penn Professor Andrea Matwyshyn knows the difference and tells Jim Zirin how to stay away from the dark side of the Internet.



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