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oct 2017 · Fiction
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Jim Zirin speaks with Linda Fairstein.

In her latest mystery thriller Deadfall, former sex crimes prosecutor Linda Fairstein takes us on a tour d’horizon of New York City landmarks, and winds up in the Bronx Zoo where her blonde heroine tracks down the assassins of the District Attorney. She tells Jim that she creates suspense by asking a new unanswered question at the end of every thrill-packed chapter.

Mar 2015 · Fiction
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Jim Zirin speaks with Andrea Chapin.

Author Andrea Chapin became a Shakespearean expert doing research for her historical novel, The Tutor, about an untold year in Shakespeare’s life where he has a steamy love affair with a young widow, who becomes the muse for Venus and Adonis. She  tells Jim that Christopher Marlowe did not write the plays of  Shakespeare, but that Shakespeare may very well have written the plays of Marlowe.

Oct 2014 · Fiction
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Jim Zirin speaks with Emily Gould.

As a compulsive blogger and Tweeter, as well as a publisher of ebooks, writer Emily Gould was certain to write of virtual relationships. Her first novel entitled Friendship is about the relationship of two 30-year old women whose lives intersect with the Internet in a poignant and engaging way. Emily tells Jim that online connection is an overarching feature of how a crossroads generation communicates.

Jan 2013 · Fiction
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Jim Zirin speaks with Roxana Robinson.

With 4500 American servicemen killed in Iraq and 32,000 wounded, we are still paying the price for the war in returning servicemen with post traumatic stress disorder. Author Roxana Robinson, in her latest novel Sparta, writes of a Marine veteran, who can’t relate to the society for which he fought so bravely. She tells Jim that the price of the war in human terms is incalculable.

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