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May 2017 · Food
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Jim Zirin speaks with Nina Zagat.

In the 1970s, Nina and Tim Zagat as a hobby began to survey restaurant goers. They then processed the surveys and produced an eponymous restaurant guide that flourished into a major brand and a multi-million dollar business. They tell Jim Zirin how they did it with innately acquired marketing skills and amazing promotional instincts, and even disclose a few secrets that may guide others to a comparable success.


Oct 2011 · Food
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Jim Zirin speaks with Serena Palumbo.

Serena Palumbo, an accomplished lawyer, leads a double life as a superstar online chef. Her instructional recipe videos for Italian food have won her thousands of web followers and a reality TV gig. She tells Jim Zirin about the vagaries of a charmed double life–and even serves him some lasagna.

Nov 2006 · Food
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Jim Zirin speaks with Tim Zagat.

Is the Zagat survey real? Is the commentary legitimate or made up by editors who never saw the restaurant? Learn about how Zagat is using the Net to take its survey to a new level.

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