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Oct 2014 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with Robert B. Fiske and Jr..

As top-notch prosecutor, defense attorney and Bar leader, Bob Fiske became one of the best known and highly respected lawyers of his generation. He writes a sweet memoir of his career in a new book entitled Prosecutor Defender Counselor, and tells Jim which role gave him the most satisfaction.

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May 2014 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with James D. Zirin.

Turning the show upside down, Ambassador Bill vanden Heuvel  is “host for the day.” He  interviews Jim about his book, The Mother Court—Tales of Cases That Mattered in America’s Greatest Trial Court, drawing  “the guest” out masterfully on why he wrote the book, and what he knows of the legendary judges and lawyers, who walked the halls of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. He even gets the “guest” to spill some of the great stories in the book.



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Sep 2011 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with James Grant.

The biographer of Speaker Thomas B. Reed tells about the Gilded Age in America from 1870-1893, a time of dysfunctional government and deep partisan divide over such issues as international trade, monetary policy and  foreign wars. Sound familiar? Reed, a staunch Republican from Maine, ungummed the government and broke the logjam.

Jan 2011 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with Amity Shlaes.

The distinguished author tells us what we can learn from Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President. Though a man of few words, Coolidge believed in less government, balanced budgets, lower taxes and a climate friendly to business. Unemployment averaged 3.3 per cent. Yet, in the vortex of the Great Depression and the New Deal which followed, his legacy has all but disappeared.

Oct 2010 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with William vanden Heuvel.

He talks about his vision for the FDR Four Freedoms Park as the project nears completion. Planned in the 1970’s for the southern tip of Roosevelt Island in the shadow of the UN, and designed by renowned architect Louis Kahn shortly before his death, the Park will take a commemorative space into the digital age.

Dec 2007 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with David Andelman.

Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? The NET might have prevented the tragic mistakes Woodrow Wilson made in WWI’s flawed peace settlements–and might even have changed the course of history in Iraq. David Andelman, Author of “A Shattered Peace” spins his insights with host Jim Zirin, Sidley, Austin LLP. 12/23/07

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