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Feb 2016 · Literature
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Jim Zirin speaks with Roxana Robinson.

Without paying a dime in royalties, Google’s Book and Library Projects have scanned tens of millions of copyrighted works, and made significant portions available to the public. Authors Guild President Roxana Robinson tells Jim of a decade-old billion-dollar infringement suit against Google that the Guild has fought to the doorstep of the Supreme Court.


Mar 2015 · Fiction
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Jim Zirin speaks with Andrea Chapin.

Author Andrea Chapin became a Shakespearean expert doing research for her historical novel, The Tutor, about an untold year in Shakespeare’s life where he has a steamy love affair with a young widow, who becomes the muse for Venus and Adonis. She  tells Jim that Christopher Marlowe did not write the plays of  Shakespeare, but that Shakespeare may very well have written the plays of Marlowe.

Mar 2014 · Literature
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Jim Zirin speaks with Michael Ponsor.

With the government seeking the death penalty in the Boston Marathon bombing, we are reminded that capital cases are still with us. Federal Judge Michael Ponsor of the District of Massachusetts, tells Jim about his best-selling novel, The Hanging Judge, a riveting yarn about a capital trial in the federal court where justice almost goes off the tracks.

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