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Mar 2016 · Museums
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Jim Zirin speaks with Ellen Futter.

New York’s iconic natural history museum has opened an exhibition of one of the largest dinosaurs ever identified. It is a Titanosaur some of whose ancient fossilized bones were discovered by a farmer in Patagonia. Ellen Futter, president of the Museum and Mark Norell, its chief paleontologist, tell Jim that they will continue their hunt for dinosaurs well into the twenty-first century.

Jun 2015 · Museums
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Jim Zirin speaks with Belinda Rathbone.

Some 45 years ago, the Boston Fine Arts Museum purchased
a precious Italian Renaissance painting attributed to Raphael.
Then, the trouble started.The Museum lost its legendary director,
its money, and the painting itself in a legal dust-up that never
should have happened. Biographer and art historian Belinda
Rathbone, who happens to be the director’s daughter, tells
Jim how she uncovered the truth about the whole affair.

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Apr 2012 · Museums
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Jim Zirin speaks with Ellen Futter.

The American Museum of Natural History, long the home of dinosaurs, pterodactyls,stuffed animals and other defunct species, has now become an world class research and teaching institution energized by an arsenal of digital technology. The AMNH President tells Jim Zirin about the Museum’s extraordinary evolution.

Mar 2011 · Art
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Jim Zirin speaks with Glenn Lowry.

MOMA’s director discusses Google’s recently unveiled “Art Project,” presenting to millions of online viewers over 1,000 art treasures in 17 of the world’s greatest museums. He says that in the digital age “bricks and mortar” museums will be supplemented by “virtual” museums situated only a click away.

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