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nov 2016 · Spying
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Jim Zirin speaks with Kati Marton.

Noel Field came from solid Quaker stock. He completed Harvard in two years, and joined the foreign service in the 1930s where he wrote speeches for two Secretaries of State. He then became a spy for Stalin. In her sobering book, True Believer, author Kati Marton relates Field’s amazing story, and tells Jim Zirin how he came to betray his country for an ideology that eventually cast him and three members of his family into a Soviet gulag.

Nov 2013 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Julia Sweig.

Snowden’s revelations prompted Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff to cancel a planned state visit to Washington to meet with Obama. She even threatened  to remove Brazil from the world wide web. Latin American expert Julia Sweig tells Jim that the  motivation for the spying is inexplicable, and that the damage to our relationship with a friendly neighboring country is incalculable.

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