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Apr 2012 · Museums
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Jim Zirin speaks with Ellen Futter.

The American Museum of Natural History, long the home of dinosaurs, pterodactyls,stuffed animals and other defunct species, has now become an world class research and teaching institution energized by an arsenal of digital technology. The AMNH President tells Jim Zirin about the Museum’s extraordinary evolution.

Apr 2012 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with James Hoge.


When charismatic China politician Bo Xilai stepped on too many toes during a power change, the government ousted him from his top party posts, charged his wife with murder and shut down the websites that supported him. As Israel weighs its options to throttle Iran’s nuclear threat, Israelis launch an Israel Loves Iran website to bypass their leaders and connect directly with the Iranian people.  James Hoge tells of digital power in a dangerous world.




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