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Dec 2012 · Health
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Jim Zirin speaks with Chris Crowley.

“Definitely yes!” author, health nut, cyclist, lawyer, man for all seasons Chris Crowley tells me. Chris has just written a brilliant book entitled “Thinner This Year” with a nutritionist and two physical fitness trainers where he confides his diet and exercise formula for a healthier longer life.

Dec 2012 · Terrorism
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Jim Zirin speaks with Matt Waxman.

We can kill them with drones or hit squads, capture them, detain them  forever or try them, but which tactic will stand up best in court? Columbia Law Professor, Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow and former Bush administration assistant to the national security adviser, Matt Waxman reviews the options and tells Jim which is the best way to go.

Dec 2012 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Elizabeth Economy.

On November 14, China unveiled its new generation of leaders with an announcement via Twitter. Does the regime’s newly minted connection to the Net presage significant political and economic reforms? Council on Foreign Relations China expert Elizabeth Economy tells Jim that China needs to rid itself of systemic corruption.

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Dec 2012 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Mohamad Bazzi.

The Syrian conflagration, which began as an insurgency, has left at least 40,000 dead in less than two years. Mid-East expert Mohamad Bazzi tells Jim  that the conflict may engulf the region in a drawn-out and dangerous sectarian war. Meanwhile, with international recognition of the new rebel coalition, Obama weighs a deeper U.S. involvement as Assad shuts down the Internet leaving an information void that may presage an escalation.


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