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Feb 2013 · eCommerce
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Jim Zirin speaks with Peter Georgescu.

Peter Georgescu came to the US in 1954 as a refugee from Communist Romania. Not speaking a word of English, he had to learn a lot quickly. Overcoming adversity, he attended Exeter, Princeton and Stanford Business and rose to the top at advertising agency Young & Rubicam. He has now written a blockbuster book about his life and tells Jim that there is a “constant choice” in our daily lives if we are to fulfill the American  dream. And he tells how he uses digital marketing to sell his book.

Feb 2013 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Joseph Califano.

After the King and Kennedy assassinations, LBJ pushed hard for comprehensive gun control, including gun registration and licensing of owners. Congress dithered, and all Johnson got was a ban on mail-order sales, sales of guns to minors and imports of $10 specials. Joe Califano, LBJ’s domestic adviser, tells Jim that Obama needs to act fast before the gun lobby blocks any real legislative changes.

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