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Jan 2011 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Joseph Califano.

The House repealed Obamacare, but the Senate refused to go along.  At least one federal judge has declared the entire law unconstitutional.  The former HEW Secretary says he sees benefits in Obamacare, which should be preserved, but that reforms are necessary to make the measure work.

Jan 2011 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with Amity Shlaes.

The distinguished author tells us what we can learn from Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President. Though a man of few words, Coolidge believed in less government, balanced budgets, lower taxes and a climate friendly to business. Unemployment averaged 3.3 per cent. Yet, in the vortex of the Great Depression and the New Deal which followed, his legacy has all but disappeared.

Jan 2011 · Health
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Jim Zirin speaks with Chris Crowley.

A top litigator at a leading Wall Street law firm, Crowley retired to write about slowing the aging process. His book, “Younger Next Year,” written with a prominent physician, was a wild success. Now he is writing another book with some new ideas as to how we can lead healthier active lives well into our eighties–and beyond.

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Jan 2011 · Law
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Jim Zirin speaks with Linda Fairstein.

Formerly a top prosecutor, now a bestselling mystery novelist, Linda headed the sex crimes unit in the Morgenthau District Attorney’s office. She analyzes the DSK case from perp walk to dismissal, gives Jim her take on what really happened, as well as a sneak preview of her next book.

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Jan 2011 · Human Rights
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Jim Zirin speaks with Joelle Fiss.

She tells how gypsy tribes in Europe have been victims of Nazi genocide, hate crimes, mass deportations and unspeakable violence. Her NGO, Human Rights First, has used the new media to call attention to their plight. 

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