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Jan 2012 · Journalism
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Jim Zirin speaks with Nina Burleigh.

Author of a brilliant new book entitled “The Fatal Gift of Beauty,” Nina followed the Amanda Knox case from start to finish. She concludes that Knox’ Italian murder conviction, later overturned on appeal, was a total miscarriage of justice arguing that Knox was unfairly incriminated largely by ambiguous posts Knox and her boyfriend made on the Web.

Jan 2012 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with Sheila Smith.

The CFR  Japan expert defines what is meant by the “pivot”  and compares Japanese Internet freedom with China’s crackdown on free expression. She tells Jim of Japan’s recovery from the March 11 “triple disasters”, Prime Minister Noda’s dramatic December trips to Beijing and Delhi, how Japan will manage its security concerns with North Korea, and what this all means to United States interests in the region.


Jan 2012 · Politics
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Jim Zirin speaks with Doug Schoen.

Romney’s campaign was on life support and then he cleaned Obama’s clock in the first debate and soared in the polls. In the second debate, Romney stumbled badly. Top pollster Doug Schoen analyzes the variables for Jim and calls the race for Obama.

Jan 2012 · Obamacare
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Jim Zirin speaks with Joseph Califano.

Democrats have attacked Romney for trying to “end Medicare as we know it.” But is it the other way around? Close to 25% of seniors have opted for Medicare Advantage, a private plan subsidized by Medicare. Obama has financed Obamacare with $818 billion in cuts over 10 years, coming mostly from cuts in Medicare Advantage subsidies. Will this result in greater costs to seniors and a reduction in benefits? Former HEW Secretary Joe Califano tells Jim the answer.




Jan 2012 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with Frank Wisner.

When Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, people wondered whether it was an al Qaeda hit or the lawless action of an enraged mob. Some in Congress called for an end to foreign aid to Libya and Egypt. Former Ambassador  to Egypt Frank Wisner surveys the Middle East and tells Jim why we are there to stay.

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