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Jan 2015 · Politics
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Jim Zirin speaks with Shannon O'Neil.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump wants to deport six million illegal Mexican immigrants, including their families, who may be birthright American citizens, and then build a wall along our southern border by confiscating $12 billion earned by Mexicans in the United States. Council on Foreign Relations Latin American expert Shannon O’Neil tells Jim whether the Trump plan is bad for America.

Jan 2015 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with James Hoge.

The world seems plagued by instability, and American foreign policy doesn’t seem to know how to deal with it. Obama failed to show up in Paris. Europe is besieged with rising nationalism and anti-Semitism. The Middle East is chaotic. Russia continues its moves on Ukraine. Nuclear talks with Iran face domestic opposition in both countries. China’s leader is ruthless as he  cracks down on dissidents.Foreign Affairs Editor Emeritus Jim Hoge tells Jim we are hanging in there, but our grip is loosening.

Jan 2015 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with Robert Pigott.

Bob Pigott is a New York lawyer who likes to walk the City’s streets in search of landmark courthouses. He leads us on a delightful tour of the City, and shares his encyclopedic knowledge of New York’s legendary legal history as he takes Jim through the buildings where it all happened.

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Jan 2015 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Haass.

A huge oil shock, the ruble in free fall, horror in Pakistan, the failure to reach agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons,and a cyber attack from North Korea all make for an earthshaking disorder. In a sobering interview, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass tells Jim that he forecasts 30 years of continuing global unrest.

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