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Jan 2017 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with Rebecca Lissner.

Trump said he wants to ramp up our nuclear arsenal as he bids for a better relationship with Putin. Meanwhile, North Korea says its ICBM launch has reached the final stage. Council on Foreign Relations nuclear policy expert Rebecca Lissner tells that we urgently need a “grand strategy” to deal with an alarming threat.

Jan 2017 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with Thomas Graham.

Obama thought he would “reset” relations with the Russians; yet they deteriorated to the lowest level since the Cold War. Can the U.S. salvage the relationship? Is the election hack an insuperable barrier? Tom Graham of Kissinger Associates, former Senior Director for Russia on the National Security Council of President George W. Bush, who may well be Trump’s choice as ambassador to Russia, tells Jim that our way forward with Putin should be a multi-pronged approach.

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Jan 2017 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel.

What goes into a landmark building? Is it age? Architecture? Or what happened in the room? Author and preservationist Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel tells Jim that the richness of New York’s diverse cultural heritage is reflected in its 1352 landmarked buildings, which she describes in a new
edition to her amazing book.

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