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May 2013 · Journalism
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Jim Zirin speaks with James Goodale.

The government’s weapons against the press have shifted from censorship to indictment of leakers to dragnet subpoenas. Obama has indicted six leakers on national security matters– more than all of his predecessors combined.  He may have already indicted Julian Assange for publishing leaked information. James C. Goodale, author of the bestselling book, Fighting for the Press, tells Jim Zirin of the way forward.


May 2013 · Terrorism
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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Falkenrath.

The Boston PD never knew the FBI had questioned Tsarnaev. With more sophisticated intelligence reaching deep into the Islamic community, state-of-the art surveillance cameras, and a great track record of stopping terrorist plots before they go operational, the NYPD would have been well positioned to thwart the Boston tragedy, argues former NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Counter-terrorism Richard Falkenrath. He tells Jim what needed to be done.




May 2013 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Stephen Flynn.

The Brothers Tsarnaev slipped through the cracks and brought untold damage to Boston. Homeland security expert Stephen Flynn examines their motivation, analyzes the investigation, and tells Jim why public resiliency is key in the aftermath of any attack.


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