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Oct 2010 · Law
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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Susskind.

Susskind argues that the time charges oriented business model of the large law firm is flawed, and that if lawyers don’t reinvent themselves, and use technology to package their services, they will surely risk extinction.

Oct 2010 · Law
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Jim Zirin speaks with Michael Cardozo.

He reveals who is the real “client” of the Corporation Counsel? How independent is he of the Mayor? How well has he done in protecting the public fisc? Corporation Counsel Cardozo answers  these and other questions as he tells about the post- 9/11 challenges faced by his office and how he met many of them by going digital.

Oct 2010 · Virtual Relationships
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Jim Zirin speaks with Emily Gould.

She discusses the current state of casual Internet relationships. Millions post to Facebook or elsewhere on the Net the most intimate details of their lives to be read by perfect strangers.  Emily argues that privacy, as much as we might like it, is out the window in the Digital Age.

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