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oct 2013 · Virtual Relationships
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Jim Zirin speaks with Nina Burleigh.

Sexting, the transmission of intimate photos or messages from one cell phone to another, is sweeping the country. Journalist Nina Burleigh, author of a compelling Rolling Stone article entitled “Sexting, Shame and Suicide,” tells Jim that the sexting compulsion, which brought down Anthony Weiner has profoundly dangerous implications for today’s teenagers.

Oct 2013 · The Economy
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Jim Zirin speaks with Martin Wolf.

Congress approved an 11th-hour deal to raise the debt ceiling, in the face of dire threats that not to do so would bring down the global economy. But, instead of resolving the crisis, the lawmakers merely kicked the can down the road four months. Financial Times chief economics commentator, Martin Wolf, tells Jim that the US debt ceiling is “the legislative equivalent of a nuclear bomb aimed by the US at itself.”

Oct 2013 · Business
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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Susskind.

Last year, mega-firm Dewey & Leboeuf filed the largest law firm bankruptcy in US history, leaving in its wake a criminal investigation and a spate of litigation. Richard Susskind, author of bestselling book, Tomorrow’s Lawyers, tells Jim  that Dewey was victim of an outmoded business plan as much as of factors unique to itself.

Oct 2013 · Foreign Relations
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Jim Zirin speaks with Abraham Sofaer.

As we embark on our first bilateral negotiations with Iran in 35 years, the question arises whether Tehran is sincere about a deal or is merely playing for time while its military arm perfects nuclear weapons. Former State Department Legal Adviser Abraham Sofaer tells Jim we must employ the same policy that worked with the former Soviet Union—engage Iran diplomatically, while we forcefully confront Iranian attempts to project power beyond their borders.

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