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Oct 2014 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Elisa Massimino.

Beheadings in Syria, military trials in Guantanamo, rising Antisemitism in Europe, a dysfunctional immigration policy, we live in a world pervaded with grave challenges in human rights. Elisa Massimino, President and CEO of Human Rights First, a non-governmental organization, tells Jim of gains over the past year, and of serious setbacks as well.

Oct 2014 · Fiction
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Jim Zirin speaks with Emily Gould.

As a compulsive blogger and Tweeter, as well as a publisher of ebooks, writer Emily Gould was certain to write of virtual relationships. Her first novel entitled Friendship is about the relationship of two 30-year old women whose lives intersect with the Internet in a poignant and engaging way. Emily tells Jim that online connection is an overarching feature of how a crossroads generation communicates.

Oct 2014 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with Robert B. Fiske.

As top-notch prosecutor, defense attorney and Bar leader, Bob Fiske became one of the best known and highly respected lawyers of his generation. He writes a sweet memoir of his career in a new book entitled Prosecutor Defender Counselor, and tells Jim which role gave him the most satisfaction.

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