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sep 2011 · Current Affairs
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Jim Zirin speaks with Bill Bratton.

When four days of rioting broke out in London last August with thugs mobilizing on the social media, the British government turned to our own Bill Bratton for advice in handling the violence, the street gangs and the Metropolitan Police. Bill explains his strategy to restore law and order in England.

Sep 2011 · Law
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Jim Zirin speaks with Selvyn Seidel.

He explains that commercial litigants traditionally bear their own legal expense, and the cost may be catastrophic. Many drop good cases, or lose their businesses entirely, because they run out of money. Recently, however, third parties have advanced legal costs. Is such funding illegal or unethical? Does this new structure stir up meritless litigation or improve access to justice?

Sep 2011 · History
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Jim Zirin speaks with James Grant.

The biographer of Speaker Thomas B. Reed tells about the Gilded Age in America from 1870-1893, a time of dysfunctional government and deep partisan divide over such issues as international trade, monetary policy and  foreign wars. Sound familiar? Reed, a staunch Republican from Maine, ungummed the government and broke the logjam.

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