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Jim Zirin speaks with Vali Nasr.

Obama said he wanted to “pivot” US foreign policy toward Asia, implying that we would have a lighter footprint in the Mid-East and give up one interest for another. Vali Nasr, Dean of the Nitze School at Johns Hopkins and author of the best-selling book The Dispensable Nation tells Jim that we cannot turn our backs on the region and hope to exert any influence on China, Korea or Japan.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Ban Ki-moon.

Only the eighth man to hold the post, UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon struggles to make his voice count for peace in a cacophonous world. He tells of the challenges and successes of the office FDR called the “world’s moderator.”

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Jim Zirin speaks with Stephen Biddle.

Stephen Biddle, Senior Fellow for Defense Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, recently returned from Kabul where he helped McChrystal with the assessment. Now it’s all up to Petraeus.

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