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Jim Zirin speaks with Joel Cohen.

True justice cannot be administered in every case, but when something goes wrong in our system, the outcome can be horrific. Top lawyer and former prosecutor Joel Cohen, author of the blockbuster book, Broken Scales, reflects on 10 cases of possible injustice, and tells Jim Zirin that we need to do better with our justice system.


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Jim Zirin speaks with Jeff Smith.

In 2009 Jeff Smith was a PhD, a Missouri state senator, and a rising star in the state Democratic Party. Sentenced to one year and one day in prison for filing a false affidavit in connection with a Congressional primary campaign he had lost almost five years earlier, Smith served his time working in a warehouse at a medium security federal prison. He tells Jim of a corrupt and racist penal system that only encourages recidivism and squanders a treasure in human potential.

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