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Jim Zirin speaks with Michael Shnayerson.

Projecting a sour, almost misanthropic, personality, Andrew Cuomo, who aspires to the presidency, has enjoyed a 35-year political career, tarnished by episodes of raw ambition, betrayal of friends, and punishment of enemies. Writer Michael Shnayerson, author of the best selling unauthorized biography, The Contender, tells Jim Zirin why, in his view, our Governor Cuomo is a flawed tragic hero.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Peter Georgescu.

Peter Georgescu came to the US in 1954 as a refugee from Communist Romania. Not speaking a word of English, he had to learn a lot quickly. Overcoming adversity, he attended Exeter, Princeton and Stanford Business and rose to the top at advertising agency Young & Rubicam. He has now written a blockbuster book about his life and tells Jim that there is a “constant choice” in our daily lives if we are to fulfill the American  dream. And he tells how he uses digital marketing to sell his book.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Cecilia Gardner.

Cecilia  was a top narcotics prosecutor putting bad guys in jail. Now, as head of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, she is chasing fraudsters who sell fake diamonds on the Internet. She tells Jim  that millions of dollars in diamonds change hands every day online in legitimate transactions, but you have to be careful.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Selvyn Seidel.

He explains that commercial litigants traditionally bear their own legal expense, and the cost may be catastrophic. Many drop good cases, or lose their businesses entirely, because they run out of money. Recently, however, third parties have advanced legal costs. Is such funding illegal or unethical? Does this new structure stir up meritless litigation or improve access to justice?

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Jim Zirin speaks with Alan C. ("Ace") Greenberg.

As CEO and Chairman of Bear Stearns, he saw the firm grow into a titan. Then came 2008, and the world turned upside down. Ace Greenberg pulls no punches as he tells of the sinking of an “unsinkable” ship.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Nicholas Lemann.

Are bloggers journalists? Can a journalist be a blogger? Lemann, Dean of Columbia Journalism School and new media critic, answers the question.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Philip Howard.

The lawyer, author and social reformer wants to overhaul the American legal system, and he wants the Net to help him do it.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Ben-Veniste.

Attorney General Gonzales was forced out over his role in the firing of eight United States Attorneys. Was it all because of the tell-tale emails? Get the inside from Special Watergate prosecutor Ben-Veniste.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Anne-Marie Slaughter.

The former Dean of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, now Director of Policy Planning at the State Department discusses whether Saddam Hussein can get a fair trial? Would an international trial be fairer?

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