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Jim Zirin speaks with Elliott Abrams.

Trump has appeared to switch positions on North Korea, Russia, NATO, the Iran treaty, NAFTA, the climate change accord, Syria and dealing with dictators. Former Bush White House official and Deputy Secretary of State contender, Elliott Abrams, tells Jim Zirin that unpredictability in foreign policy is no vice, but inconsistency is no virtue.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Haass.

Obama recently said he wanted to take the Nation off a “perpetual war footing,” in favor of robust diplomacy, foreign aid and more measured responses. Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass agrees. But will Susan Rice? Taking the line of his new best-selling book, Foreign Policy Begins at Home, Richard tells Jim that America’s claim to leadership is based mainly on economic power, and we have much to do domestically if we are to maintain our primacy abroad.

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