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Jim Zirin speaks with Edith Windsor.

Lawfully married to Thea Spyer, her companion of 40 years, Edith Windsor found herself the beneficiary of Ms Spyer’s estate but was denied the spousal deduction for federal estate taxes. She sued, claiming that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act  was unconstitutional. Edie and her lawyer Robbie Kaplan tell Jim that historic discrimination against gays warrants a “heightened scrutiny” of laws denying them equal benefits.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Michael Cardozo.

He reveals who is the real “client” of the Corporation Counsel? How independent is he of the Mayor? How well has he done in protecting the public fisc? Corporation Counsel Cardozo answers  these and other questions as he tells about the post- 9/11 challenges faced by his office and how he met many of them by going digital.

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