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Jim Zirin speaks with Nina Zagat.

In the 1970s, Nina and Tim Zagat as a hobby began to survey restaurant goers. They then processed the surveys and produced an eponymous restaurant guide that flourished into a major brand and a multi-million dollar business. They tell Jim Zirin how they did it with innately acquired marketing skills and amazing promotional instincts, and even disclose a few secrets that may guide others to a comparable success.


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Jim Zirin speaks with Evgeny Morozov.

He tells Jim how dictatorships use the Net for their own repressive ends–and why the cyber-utopians have got it all wrong.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Adam Segal.

Chinese hackers recently attacked Google, but no one knows for sure who did it. Cyber- warfare represents a real threat to the Nations interests. What are the attackers motives? Must we heighten our state of readiness?

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Jim Zirin speaks with Mary Meeker.

Last year Steven Chen was a college dropout, and Chad Hurley wanted to go to grad school. This year, they sold YouTube for $1.65 billion even though their startup had never turned a profit. Is the tech bubble about to boom or bust?

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