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Jim Zirin speaks with Nina Burleigh.

Author of a brilliant new book entitled “The Fatal Gift of Beauty,” Nina followed the Amanda Knox case from start to finish. She concludes that Knox’ Italian murder conviction, later overturned on appeal, was a total miscarriage of justice arguing that Knox was unfairly incriminated largely by ambiguous posts Knox and her boyfriend made on the Web.

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Jim Zirin speaks with David Westin.


David Westin enjoyed 14 eventful years as president of ABC News. He covered the death of Princess Diana, the 2000 tied election, 9/11, two wars and the financial crisis. Now he has a new venture.He tells Jim of his strategic plan and predicts that the Internet will never eclipse the mainstream media.

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Jim Zirin speaks with James Goodale.

Goodale, lawyer for the New York Times in the legendary Pentagon Papers case, explains that the Supreme Court’s landmark decision handed down in June 1971, holding the press had the right  to publish classified leaked Defense Department documents, renders untenable the prosecution of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Greg Coleman.

He tells how Arianna Huffington in five short years transformed a liberal blog into an online platform that may well overtake the daily newspaper.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Garrick Utley.

From Viet Nam to 9/11 the Veteran NBC/CNN Anchor has seen it all. Hear him tell Zirin how the Internet has preempted the field of television reporting.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Nicholas Lemann.

Are bloggers journalists? Can a journalist be a blogger? Lemann, Dean of Columbia Journalism School and new media critic, answers the question.

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