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Jim Zirin speaks with James Hoge.


When charismatic China politician Bo Xilai stepped on too many toes during a power change, the government ousted him from his top party posts, charged his wife with murder and shut down the websites that supported him. As Israel weighs its options to throttle Iran’s nuclear threat, Israelis launch an Israel Loves Iran website to bypass their leaders and connect directly with the Iranian people.  James Hoge tells of digital power in a dangerous world.




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Jim Zirin speaks with David Westin.


David Westin enjoyed 14 eventful years as president of ABC News. He covered the death of Princess Diana, the 2000 tied election, 9/11, two wars and the financial crisis. Now he has a new venture.He tells Jim of his strategic plan and predicts that the Internet will never eclipse the mainstream media.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Greg Coleman.

He tells how Arianna Huffington in five short years transformed a liberal blog into an online platform that may well overtake the daily newspaper.

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