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Jim Zirin speaks with Elliott Abrams.

Trump has appeared to switch positions on North Korea, Russia, NATO, the Iran treaty, NAFTA, the climate change accord, Syria and dealing with dictators. Former Bush White House official and Deputy Secretary of State contender, Elliott Abrams, tells Jim Zirin that unpredictability in foreign policy is no vice, but inconsistency is no virtue.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Haass.

Even before the election, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass, in a provocative new bestselling book, saw an unstable world in disarray. He tells Jim that since November 8, Trump’s unpredictable  approach suggesting a trade war with China, a hard line on immigration, tilting towards Putin in a dramatic revision of long standing U.S. foreign policies may have indeed made matters worse.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Rebecca Lissner.

Trump said he wants to ramp up our nuclear arsenal as he bids for a better relationship with Putin. Meanwhile, North Korea says its ICBM launch has reached the final stage. Council on Foreign Relations nuclear policy expert Rebecca Lissner tells that we urgently need a “grand strategy” to deal with an alarming threat.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Frank Wisner.

North Korea armed  to the teeth, and brandishing long range missiles with nuclear warheads, a delicate Iran peace treaty, and a humanitarian disaster in Syria, major global challenges face the new administration. Veteran diplomat Frank Wisner goes round the world with Jim, and argues that we must start on our own doorstep, and speak as one people, before we can be an influential world leader.

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