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Jim Zirin speaks with Raymond W. Kelly.

Leading Mayoral candidates Quinn, deBlasio, Thompson and Liu all want to throttle the NYPD with an Inspector General and a curtailed stop and frisk.  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly thinks the candidates’ policing strategies will make the City less safe. He tells Jim that stop and frisk saves lives, and the NYPD already has amply sufficient oversight and regulation.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Peter Solomon.

The Fiscal Cliff bill may have saved us from the brink, but there is trouble ahead as we approach the “March madness” of raising the debt ceiling, approving the budget and dealing with the mandatory spending cuts known as the sequester. Investment banker Peter Solomon tells Jim how things will likely play out with a new Treasury Secretary and  a deeply divided Congress.

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Jim Zirin speaks with James Grant.

The biographer of Speaker Thomas B. Reed tells about the Gilded Age in America from 1870-1893, a time of dysfunctional government and deep partisan divide over such issues as international trade, monetary policy and  foreign wars. Sound familiar? Reed, a staunch Republican from Maine, ungummed the government and broke the logjam.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Amity Shlaes.

The distinguished author tells us what we can learn from Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President. Though a man of few words, Coolidge believed in less government, balanced budgets, lower taxes and a climate friendly to business. Unemployment averaged 3.3 per cent. Yet, in the vortex of the Great Depression and the New Deal which followed, his legacy has all but disappeared.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Doug Schoen.

The Democratic political strategist talks about  the way forward for Obama as he faces a Republican House and a Senate where Democrats cling to a razor-thin majority.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Ben-Veniste.

Attorney General Gonzales was forced out over his role in the firing of eight United States Attorneys. Was it all because of the tell-tale emails? Get the inside from Special Watergate prosecutor Ben-Veniste.

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