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Jim Zirin speaks with Adam Levin.

Russian fingerprints on the hacking of our election, and possibly the Brexit vote. Electronic leaks showing CIA efforts to compromise Microsoft, and NSA infiltration into the Middle East banking system, Internet fraud, and identity theft. Cyber security expert Adam Levin tells Jim  it’s a dark world out there in the digital age.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Frederick Hitz.

Snowden revealed a massive NSA spying program that embarrassed our relations with friendly countries and reminded many Americans of Orwell’s 1984. Was he a traitor or a whistleblower?  CIA spymaster Fred Hitz tells Jim  that Snowden might have better made his case for clemency had he thrown himself on the mercy of an American court rather than fleeing to the eager arms of Putin.


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Jim Zirin speaks with Steven Wyer.

Internet misconduct has ruined reputations and lives. What do you do if your online identity is stolen? Or your privacy invaded? Suppose you are defamed? Can the truth ever catch up with the libel? The author of a brilliant new book, “Violated Online,” tells Jim how you can protect yourself, and even fight back, by remembering a few simple rules.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Raymond W. Kelly.

The legendary New York City Police Commissioner tells whether in waging the war on terror we have struck the right balance between security and privacy.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Emily Gould.

We probe whether some things are so intimate  they are better off unblogged. Or in the digital age is everyone’s private life fair game? Emily discusses the flexible rules of the blogosphere which have made her a new media star.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Jacalyn Barnett.

Matrimonial attorney Jacalyn F. Barnett and former CIA station chief Jack Devine tell it like it is.

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