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Jim Zirin speaks with David Dorsen.

Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016, was a rock-ribbed conservative by ideology, who used originalism and textualism approaches to craft his decisions. Judicial historian David Dorsen tells that on certain issues, mainly rights of the accused, Scalia could be unexpectedly liberal.


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Jim Zirin speaks with James D. Zirin.

Turning the tables, Ambassador William vanden Heuvel interviews Jim about his new book, Supremely Partisan–How Raw Politics Tips the Scales in the United States Supreme Court. Jim talks about the Court’s historic origins, the evolution of its decision-making, the use of identity politics in appointing the Justices to reserved ethnic seats, and the future of a partisan Court in a post-Scalia world.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Gerald Walpin.

Does the Supreme Court fairly interpret the Constitution or do judges impose their personal views on the law as written and intended?  Prominent attorney Gerald Walpin tells Jim of his new book, The Supreme Court vs. The Constitution, arguing that some justices have gone too far in deciding that the Constitution means what they would like it to mean.


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