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Jim Zirin speaks with Micah Zenko.

Obama says he is free to use drones to attack senior members of al Qaeda who are planning to attack the United States. So far drones may have killed as many as 4700 people, including  American citizens.  What, if any, limitations should be placed on the President in using drones to target and kill suspected terrorists? Council on Foreign Relations Fellow Micah Zenko tells Jim  that definitive standards are necessary to prevent drone attacks from spinning out of control.


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Jim Zirin speaks with Fred Wilson.

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson bet $10M on a start-up called Twitter. Five years later, Twitter has no profits, but it has brought down governments and a Congressman and is valued at $8B. Fred tells Jim Zirin what accounts for Twitter’s meteoric rise.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Herbert Pardes.

Republicans have made it a priority to repeal or reform the Healthcare Reform Act, but the president and CEO of New York Presbyterian Hospital, explains how soaring healthcare costs can be curtailed without new legislation.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Richard Susskind.

Susskind argues that the time charges oriented business model of the large law firm is flawed, and that if lawyers don’t reinvent themselves, and use technology to package their services, they will surely risk extinction.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Peter Goldmark.

The Environmental Defense Fund Program Director and former Rockefeller Foundation Chairman discusses whether global warming is an environmental fact or fantasy? Is it a threat to life? Can the Internet help stop it?

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Jim Zirin speaks with Raymond W. Kelly.

Is another terrorist attack on New York City inevitable? In Paris, London, Madrid and Mumbai, terrorists used blogs and cell phones to communicate. Does the Net make us safer or more vulnerable?

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Jim Zirin speaks with James Michaels.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of publishing magazines online? What does the future of magazines look like? James Michaels, Editor of Forbes Magazine, and Mike Edelhart, President and CEO of Zinio Systems, Inc., discuss.

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