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Jim Zirin speaks with Nicholas Thompson.

In 1993, Louis Rosetto, co-founder of Wired, the monthly magazine covering emerging technologies, observed that, “the digital revolution is whipping through our lives like a Bengali typhoon.” Wired Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson focuses on the Russian Facebook and Twitter election abuses, and tells Jim that technological advances may have outpaced our ability to cope with them.


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Jim Zirin speaks with Elizabeth Economy.

On November 14, China unveiled its new generation of leaders with an announcement via Twitter. Does the regime’s newly minted connection to the Net presage significant political and economic reforms? Council on Foreign Relations China expert Elizabeth Economy tells Jim that China needs to rid itself of systemic corruption.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Fred Wilson.

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson bet $10M on a start-up called Twitter. Five years later, Twitter has no profits, but it has brought down governments and a Congressman and is valued at $8B. Fred tells Jim Zirin what accounts for Twitter’s meteoric rise.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Isobel Coleman.

Who will Lose the battle in Iran, Khamenei or the Internet? Iran was so terrified of Twitter, it jammed the Net for a day and named Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as co-conspirators in political trials.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Donald DeBolt.

Last August, Twitter, the social network site, was the victim of a massive denial of service attack. Who did it? Why has Obama delayed appointing a cyber czar when our critical infrastructure is so vulnerable to cyber attack?

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