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Jim Zirin speaks with Ed Husain.

Confronted with a rising death toll in Syria, documented by YouTube video clips, that shocked the conscience of the international community, Kofi Annan elaborated a six-point plan to avert a further bloodbath. But will it work? Mid-east expert and blogger Ed Husain gives Jim Zirin his view of the way forward.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Isobel Coleman.

Who will Lose the battle in Iran, Khamenei or the Internet? Iran was so terrified of Twitter, it jammed the Net for a day and named Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as co-conspirators in political trials.

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Jim Zirin speaks with Mary Meeker.

Last year Steven Chen was a college dropout, and Chad Hurley wanted to go to grad school. This year, they sold YouTube for $1.65 billion even though their startup had never turned a profit. Is the tech bubble about to boom or bust?

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